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Porthleven Bowling Club is a great bowls venue for men and ladies of all ages and abilities. We already have several supporters but we can always use more so if you would like to sponsor a trophy or something else, please contact us.



Short Mat

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Season Format

The short mat section of the club runs from September to March each year during which time our clubhouse is transformed from the summer pavilion into our short mat playing area.

We enter 6 teams into Cornwall Leagues.

4 teams are in the Triples Leagues which play their games in the afternoon and each team comprises 6 players. The games are played on two mats with 3 players on each mat and each player using 3 woods. If there is only one mat available the games are played consecutively.

2 teams are in the County Short Mat League and each team comprises 8 members, 4 playing in each game and using 2 woods each. The games are played consecutively unless there are two mats available and both skips agree to play the games at the same time.

Internal Competitions

We run five in-house competitions each season.

Two wood singles championship

Four wood singles championship

Four wood pairs championship

Handicapped Singles Competition

Drawn Triples

Short Mat Section Want to see what Short Mat Bowls is like?  …… Click on this link to watch some of the World’s best players demonstrating their skills Short Mat Video Link